Celebrate American Spirit with Old Glories Kettle Chips

Show your American Spirit with our Old Glories Kettle Chips made of Red, White and Blue potatoes.

A key element that makes this product special and stand out in the crowd of kettle cooked potato chips is the use of Adirondack 鈥淎ll Red鈥 and Adirondack 鈥淎ll Blue鈥 potatoes. And as always, these special red, white and blue potato chips do not include any dyes or artificial ingredients, which align with Saratoga Chips commitment to being 鈥淪imply Made, Simply Natural, Simply Delicious鈩⑩€?

These unique red, white and blue kettle chips are in celebration of the American tradition, and give homage to the American roots of potato chips, invented in 1853 in Saratoga Springs, New York. The inventor, George Crum, was a chef at Moon鈥檚 Lake House restaurant in Saratoga Springs when he accidentally invented kettle chips.

The delicious and unique Old Glories Kettle Chips are only available in summer months, so grab a bag quick!