“First Potato Chip” Back in Stores – Food Channel

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By Cari Martens

This undoubtedly falls in the category of retro products making a comeback. The brand of chips credited as the first potato chip ever invented, Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips, is back on store shelves.

Back in 1853, George Crum took a thinly-sliced Yukon Gold potato, fried it in cottonseed oil, added some sea salt and invented what I鈥檇 say is now America鈥檚 favorite snack. I imagine he鈥檇 be proud to see that his creation is once again available for consumption in its original form.

As reported on FoodProcessing.com, the resurrected Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips is the brainchild of Saratoga Specialties Co., Saratoga Springs, N.Y., which spent a great deal of time and money researching and replicating the flavor and packaging of the first potato chip.

鈥楾he original Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips remained popular for more than 50 years,鈥 owner Dan Jameson told FoodProcessing. 鈥業t was important for us to stay true to the original recipe so that our chips taste exactly as they did in 1853.鈥 The chips are made by hand, using just those three original ingredients: Yukon Gold potatoes, trans fat-free cottonseed oil and sea salt.

Add a touch of nostalgia, and I鈥檇 say you鈥檝e got the makings of a 鈥渨hat鈥檚 old is new again鈥 success story.